Frequently Asked Questions


What is SWISSS?

SWISSS is a company dedicated to improving field service operations in the foodservice equipment industry.  To achieve its goal, SWISSS sources proven technologies that are desperately needed by foodservice equipment manufacturers and service companies. Only SWISSS provides “Learning, Libraries and Live Support” solutions from a single partner.

What problem does SWISSS address?

In foodservice equipment, we have over 10,000 technicians servicing over 200 brands of equipment. In this huge “many to many” environment, it is impossible for factories and service companies to provide technicians with three things critical to achieving best possible outcomes: training, reference materials and expert support in real time. The resulting “technician paralysis” in the field is the problem that SWISSS has targeted.

How does Technician Paralysis waste money?

Every minute that a technician is on a job site, he is on somebody’s clock. It’s either the manufacturer (for warranty work), the foodservice operator (for out of warranty work), or the service company (for non-billable service caused by callbacks). A technician whose work is slower or less effective is wasting somebody’s money.

How does SWISSS work?

This is not a technology company that just happened to find its way into foodservice!  SWISSS Founder, Dennis O’Toole is a foodservice industry veteran.  He understands the industry’s needs, budgets and special considerations. Technology companies do not find SWISSS.  We found them.

How do companies get started with SWISSS?

SWISSS is here to help you understand your company’s needs and priorities.  Only then will we discuss technologies that might improve your business.  We only recommend technologies that have a solid, measurable benefit.  

Help Lightning®

 What is Help Lightning?

Help Lightning is a powerful two-way video technology developed exclusively to help companies provide remote support to technicians in the field.  In 2019, after a period of intensive evaluation and demonstrations to leading foodservice companies, SWISSS became Help Lightning's exclusive reseller for the foodservice industry.  

Will Help Lightning connect to wearable technology such as Google Glasses?

  • Yes! Some companies are doing this today. But... in our study of the cost and benefits of wearable technology, we found that wearables are still not a good value for our industry.
  • Wearable technology is improving, and costs will fall. We believe that in the future wearables will be widely used in by foodservice technicians in the field. When the time is right, SWISSS will be here to help your company make the jump to wearables.
  • Most importantly, we will advise our customers about how they can develop content today to ease the later transition to next generation systems.

Technology Strategies

Why should companies use SWISSS, versus sourcing their own technologies?

  • Huge Savings. SWISSS is aggregating industry demand and has negotiated pricing based on thousands of users. 
  • The SWISSS Ecosystem. Only SWISSS is organizing the industry’s leading manufacturers and service companies to participate in a shared system. Only SWISSS allows a technician to use one system to access needed “Learning, Library and Live Support” from a growing list of manufacturers. 
  • Carefully Chosen Technologies. Only SWISSS is constantly evaluating current and potential technology partners for their product features, relevant prior deployments, ease of use for technicians, ease of administration, and readiness to support a dedicated foodservice industry platform.