Frequently Asked Questions


What problem does SWISSS address?

In the foodservice equipment industry, we have over 10,000 technicians servicing over 200 brands of equipment. This huge “many to many” structure makes it impossible for factories and service companies to consistently provide technicians with three things critical to achieving best possible outcomes: training, reference materials and expert support in real time. The resulting “technician paralysis” in the field is the problem that SWISSS has targeted.

How does Technician Paralysis waste companies’ money?

Every minute that a technician is on a job site, he is on somebody’s clock. It’s either the manufacturer (for warranty work), the foodservice operator (for out of warranty work), or the service company (for non-billable service caused by callbacks). A technician whose work is slower or less effective due to technician paralysis is wasting somebody’s money.

What is SWISSS?

SWISSS is a mobile-centric technology platform tailored to the foodservice equipment industry. SWISSS arms factories and service companies with a powerful e-learning system, a searchable digital library and two-way video communications for live remote support. Only SWISSS bundles “Learning, Library and Live Support” in a single, cost effective system.

How does SWISSS work?

  • SWISSS is a “software as a service” (SaaS) product
  • SWISSS works on any smart mobile device or desk top computer.
  • Two applications (programs) are easily loaded onto users’ devices.
  • Information is stored in the cloud and streamed to users in real time.

How do companies get started with SWISSS?

  • Deploying SWISSS in any organization takes only minutes!
  • Companies provide SWISSS with a list of employees who will be registered users.
  • The SWISSS team then creates accounts for all users.
  • Each user receives an email with links to download the applications and log in.
  • Training and reference information is on-line. SWISSS also provides free training webinars for new users.

Easy Development

How is a SWISSS Learning system created and managed?

  • Each company’s system administrator will be trained to use the system to assemble training materials into courses, insert quizzes and tests, assign courses to technician groups, and monitor training activities and results.
  • Service companies can have their own e-learning systems for their own technicians.
  • Companies often start by just organizing existing materials into new technician training programs and refresher courses.
  • Course and content development are not included but are available.

How is a SWISSS Library created and managed?

  • A SWISSS team member works with each manufacturer to organize and upload its initial library content.
  • After the initial uploading, the manufacturer’s administrator can add, delete or modify files at any time.
  • Published content can include pdf files, video, forms, etc.
  • Manufacturers can restrict library viewing to specific groups. For example: Some factories will make certain content available only to affiliated service companies.
  • Administrators can also track technicians’ use of the library, create reports, etc.
  • Service companies can have their own libraries. A service company’s library can only be viewed by its own technicians.
  • Library content development is not included but is available.

How is the SWISSS Live Support launched?

  • A SWISSS team member will work with the each participating company to create and document that company’s rules for video support access. 
  • The SWISSS team member will create technician user groups as needed to support the manufacturer’s requirements.
  • User training is provided free of charge through the SWISSS e-learning system, and regularly scheduled webinars.

System Cost & ROI

Who pays for SWISSS?

  • The expense of SWISSS is shared between manufacturers and service companies.
  • SWISSS pricing is published and 100% transparent.

What is a Service Company's cost for SWISSS?

  • Service companies pay just $1 per tech per day ($240 per tech per year).
  • SWISSS pricing has been vetted with leading service companies, and their unanimous feedback has been that our prices (and ROI estimates) are very reasonable

How can a service company estimate an ROI for SWISSS?

  • Here is a simple formula for estimating ROI:
    • Reduced nonbillable hours x cost per tech per hour / SWISSS price = % ROI
  • General guidance:
    • Service company reported costs average about $80 per hour.
    • Nonbillable callbacks can average 3 hours, depending on travel distance and other factors.
    • When a technician uses SWISSS to eliminate just one nonbillable callback per year, it pays for itself.
    • If each technician eliminates two nonbillable calls, the company achieves a 100% ROI.

What is a Manufacturers's cost for SWISSS?

  • Manufacturers are quoted individually, based on a formula that considers 1) the size of the factory’s service operations, and 2) the number of industry field technicians who are registered users of SWISSS.
  • SWISSS pricing has been vetted with leading manufacturers, and their unanimous feedback has been that our prices (and ROI estimates) are very reasonable

How can a manufacturer estimate an ROI for SWISSS?

  • Here is a simple formula for estimating ROI:
    • Warranty rate per hour x warranty hours saved / SWISSS price = % ROI
  • General guidance:
    • Factories reported warranty rates average about $90 per hour.
    • When a factory support technician uses SWISSS to reduce warranty labor by just 12.5 MINUTES per day, it pays for itself.
    • If each technician reduces warranty labor by 20 minutes per day, the company will see a 60% ROI  

Technology Strategies

Why should companies use SWISSS, versus working directly with technology providers?

  • Huge Savings. SWISSS is aggregating industry demand and has negotiated pricing based on thousands of users. A service company with 10 trucks and two managers will save about 80% by joining the SWISSS system.
  • The SWISSS Ecosystem. Only SWISSS is organizing the industry’s leading manufacturers and service companies to participate in a shared system. Only SWISSS allows a technician to use one system to access needed “Learning, Library and Live Support” from a growing list of manufacturers. 
  • Carefully Chosen Technologies. Only SWISSS is constantly evaluating current and potential technology partners for their product features, relevant prior deployments, ease of use for technicians, ease of administration, and readiness to support a dedicated foodservice industry platform.

Will SWISSS connect to wearable technology such as Google glasses?

  • SWISSS will evolve to support wearables in the future.
  • We believe that in the future wearables will be widely used in by foodservice equipment technicians in the field. Currently however, our review of the cost and benefits of this wearable technology does not support widespread use in our industry.
  • Most importantly, we will advise our customers about how they can plan for content repurposing to next generation hardware and software.

How does the SWISSS system relate to the “Internet of Things”?

  • We believe that foodservice equipment will follow other industries and build more connectivity into its products. IoT will become nearly universal.
  • As industry norms and standards develop, SWISSS will evolve to integrate with IoT systems and stream equipment data and diagnostics directly to technicians.
  • Today our industry lacks any meaningful standards for hardware, data collection, communications, metrics, data analysis or reporting. We are headed into a period when service technicians will struggle to support manufacturers early IoT systems as they are emerge and rapidly evolve.
  • Only SWISSS allows manufacturers and service companies to provide the Learning, Library and Live Support that technicians need to deal with IoT and other new technologies from their first installations in commercial kitchens.