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SWISSS improves the performance of field service technicians by providing a powerful e-learning system, a curated reference library and unique video technology for live remote support.

Only SWISSS bundles “Learning, Library and Live Support” in a cost-effective platform, tailored to the needs of the foodservice equipment industry.

Service Companies

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Food Service Operators

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Learning. Library. Live Support.


Finally, a factory training so cost effective that you can train hundreds vs. dozens.

SWISSS Learning brings training and certification programs from all factories straight to technicians’ existing devices.

  • Manufacturers: An affordable turnkey system for e-learning and certification for new techs, training on new equipment, and annual refreshers programs.
  • Service Companies: Track your technicians’ qualifications, training and certifications. Leverage the system for your own company training needs.
  • Technicians: Access your courses from your device at your convenience. Earn meaningful, career-changing certifications.

Access service manuals, videos, and much more through existing devices

With so many brands, products, and generations of technology in the field today, no technician can be expert on all the equipment he encounters. Instead of searching factory websites for manuals, technicians can have the information they need right at their fingertips using the SWISSS Library.

  • Organized by brand
  • Searchable by model
  • Always up to date
Live Support

No more guessing games!

Why should field technicians struggle to describe what they see? Why should service managers and factory support techs struggle to describe what steps to take? SWISSS Live Support with two-way telestration puts the expert right on the job site. Technicians and expert helpers see the problem together, in real time.

  • Improved communication and collaboration
  • Faster resolutions
  • Improved first time fix rates
  • Powered by Help Lightning


The FREE Help Lightning App allows technicians to work remotely with many manufacturers

  • Make sure that every tech on your team has HelpLightning on their smartphone or tablet
  • Benefit from live video coaching from a growing number of manufacturers

Reduce non-billable callbacks with in-house coaching 

  • Equip your managers and most experienced technicians with user licenses
  • Leverage your experts to improve performance

Start with a remote demonstration to see the technology for yourself


"Sales sells the first one, service sells the rest." Ensure better service while reducing spending on aftersales support. SWISSS helps you do both

With SWISSS, your affiliate service companies will achieve faster, better results when equipment is down while lowering warranty costs. Happy customers and a happy CFO? That’s a win.

Working with SWISSS, you can provide technicians in the field with:

  • Factory training that is efficient, effective, methodical, and on-going
  • A curated library of your current service manuals, videos, forms, and more
  • Live support using merged reality to eliminate verbal descriptions and guessing

SWISSS helps you to:

  • Reduce warranty hours
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieve more factory training at lower cost
  • Create meaningful technician credentials
  • Reduce phone support hours for complex problems
  • Reduce trivial calls from technicians asking support personnel to look up information

Food Service Operators

Eliminate technician paralysis and get back to business!

The only thing worse than having equipment down is watching a stumped technician. Technician paralysis happens all the time, for a number of reasons:

  • Service companies support 200 different brands of equipment
  • The major brands have hundreds of products
  • Manufacturers have multiple generations of technology in the field 
  • Equipment technology is changing fast, becoming more complex every year

SWISSS is the new industry standard in field service technology. A shared system available to equipment manufacturers and service companies, only SWISSS provides a three-part solution with its unique Library, Learning, and Live Support approach.

Technicians cannot be experts for all the equipment in your kitchen. But they can show up well trained, armed with all available reference information, and ready to instantly bring in expert help when needed.

Now you can actually do something to make sure that your equipment is always up and running as quickley as possible, at the lowest possible cost. Ask your vendors to put SWISSS to work for you.



Identify relevant, proven field service enabling technologies

Integrate them into a service ecosystem specifically for foodservice equipment

Implement as an affordable, shared solution for manufacturers, service organizations, and operators

Best in class technology



SWISSS Live Support technology is provided by Help Lightning®, a video call platform using its patented merged reality to combine two real-time video streams into an interactive environment.

about swisss


Whenever a service truck rolls up to a commercial kitchen, there are three parties involved: the owner of the equipment, the manufacturer of the equipment, and the service provider. Too often, one or all of them are disappointed and hurt financially by poor service outcomes. Let’s fix that.

Dennis O'Toole, Founder

During his tenure with a world-leading food service equipment manufacturer, Dennis saw the frustration of his technical support teams as they played a telephone guessing game with technicians in the field. He heard from operators exasperated by downtime. And he learned how service providers were being hurt by non-billable callbacks.

If the field technicians had more training, more information at their fingertips, and better remote support, then more problems could be solved quickly, correctly, and efficiently. So, the idea behind SWISSS was born.

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